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Exuma Pig Island


Embark on Exuma yacht charters to discover the exquisite waters and islands of the Bahamas. Situated just west of Nassau, the 365 islands and cays of Exuma make it a premier yacht charter destination in the Bahamas.


Spanning nearly 120 miles in the captivating Caribbean, this archipelago promises a diverse range of experiences, from secluded beaches and vibrant dive sites to the iconic swimming pigs of Big Major Cay.


A wealth of delights awaits you on your private Exuma yacht charter: from outstanding golf courses and marine wildlife parks to a variety of watersports and serene moments of solitude.

"Central Exumas serves as a prime charter destination within The Exumas, a renowned yacht charter region in the Bahamas.

Notable anchorages in Central Exumas include:"

Staniel Cay - Exumas

Staniel Cay



Fowl Cay Bahamas


Exuma Pig Island


Dennis Cay

Dennis Cay



Noteworthy Features of Exuma Yacht Charters:

  1. Swimming Pigs of Big Major Cay: Witness the charm of the famous swimming pigs, a unique and delightful experience on Big Major Cay.

  2. Uninhabited Islands and Pristine Beaches: Explore the untouched beauty of uninhabited islands and unwind on the pristine, secluded beaches of the Exuma archipelago.

  3. Diving, Snorkeling, and Water Sports Galore: Immerse yourself in a world of underwater wonders with abundant opportunities for diving, snorkeling, and an array of exhilarating water sports.

  4. Exciting Deep-Sea Fishing Grounds: Enjoy the thrill of deep-sea fishing in the abundant and exciting grounds surrounding the Exuma islands.

  5. Crystal-Clear, Aquamarine Waters: Cruise through the crystal-clear, aquamarine waters that define the stunning beauty of the Exuma's, creating a picturesque backdrop for your yacht charter adventure.

Pig Island in Exuma, Bahamas

"Welcome to the enchanting Pig Island in Exuma, Bahamas—an idyllic paradise where crystal-clear turquoise waters meet golden shores, and the famous Bahamian swimming pigs capture hearts. Nestled in the Exuma Cays, this uninhabited island is home to a unique community of friendly, free-roaming pigs.


Experience the magic as you sail or swim with these charming creatures, creating unforgettable moments in a tropical haven where the sun, sea, and swine converge to redefine the meaning of island bliss."

Exumas Pig Island

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